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Been awhile, but for good reason. I had a bunch of health issues, then my son did, and then my husband. On top of the little tripod my father's already been sick for about a year or more. I recently got some state tax money and was able to obtain Late Night and I'm hoping to get back into the groove of things,specially a special project that I had to stop.
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It's been a 'long' time since I posted. I've been re-working on Bon Temps. I accidentally deleted the original when trying to fix my game and remove things. Anyways, I was able to be given a general map of where everything is so I reworked the one I'd began again. I'm still placing things and it's nowhere finished, but in time I'll have images up.
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I had to install some things from my Sims 3 game. I apparently had so many new goodies installed my game was lagging to the point when I 'went into a world' that I was waiting almost ten minutes. I'm not sure exactly if it's because all my cc I had in addition or something that was messing the game up, but many many things have been removed. Then again I'm a complete addict to custom items and end up with stuff installed I won't even use. I'm going through those things and nothing else. All my made things are safe from the cut and anything from Club Crimsyn and Garden of Shadows(current addiction above all is the advent calender)
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I'd already announced (here and my mod the sims page) that I was inspired to create the world of Bon Temps for all the Trubies that playe the Sims 3. I've worked on it some, I'm having some issues as well. I have no way(nor talent) to create some objects like Merlotte's Sign or other misc things that definitely give key buildings the reason they stand out, but I do have a couple pics of the world.

I do have some trouble on the overall style/layout because I've only seen the HBO show and not really read the books so I'm trying to make it with a Louisiana New Orleans type of vibe. I'd welcome as much help as possible!

To see the modthesims post click here

I have been doing other stuff as well as work on this. I know the pictures don't show much, but It's better than nothing!
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The Empire Brick is a 4 bedroom house on a 20x20 lot. This is one of the bigger houses I've ever made and definitely one of the more expensive. It comes with a at home gym, laundry, nursery, and beautiful landscaping. This unique not-so-little abode has only a few custom content to download for it to work properly.



♥4 bedrooms (1 being the nursery)
♥1 car garage
♥2 balconies

Must Download:

Wall Drying Rack - Around the Sims 3
Folded Ironing Board - Around the Sims 3
Arizona Living Set - Holy Simoly
Wood for Sims - Advent Calender/GOS/Aikea-Guinea

The first two and last are decorative, the living set is the furniture you'll find used. I also used a default replacement for mirrors, lights, and Sim made paintings. I suggest downloading that as well because I don't know if the items will jerk into a default position if it's not installed.

Get Default Replacements -

Shiftable Mirrors & Shiftables Part II - Gelydn

I suggest downloading individually so you can install the replacements for your expansion packs since within the zips are replacements for all expansions to date (World Adventures, Ambitions, & Night Life) and the base game. Final Words : The image above is only a small preview, there's much much more in this house than depicted, but I wanted you to see what you're getting yourself into.
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Today's my birthday and I got a card that inspired me to do something to share here! The card was of my favorite character, Lafayette from True Blood. My husband made the card from an image he'd found on google, but through all the images he found one from ModtheSims. Mod the Sims only had a few things for True Blood so, I have begun working on a Bon Temps, I've put my other works aside to begin on houses, community lots, and Bon Temps itself! Now I only have seen the tv series so must of the town will have to be whatever I can come up with. I've already made a swampy area and small fishing spot on a trail. If anyone has any ideas that could be passed along I'd welcome them!
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Yes, I pretty much ripped this from CC, but eh. I've not been uploading cause I've been working on a world with expansion pack World Adventures. As soon as I get done with things I'll be putting things up here.

Things To Look Forward To:
Sim - Bride of Frankenstein
Sim - Frankenstein's Monster
World - Nottingbridge


Nov. 19th, 2010 09:25 pm
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I submitted Amelia Rockafeller to ModtheSims only to get a message that she's not 'unique enough' and 'easily recreate-able'. I have a lot of comments I COULD say, but I'm not going to waste my breathe since I already have her here for everyone to download with images. I don't know, maybe she is easy to be recreated, but with all the links given on MTS for every Sim made, I'm sure those Sims could be recreated by someone.
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Socialite, snob, and completely obsessed with the better things life (or Sim life) has to offer her. Traits include party animal, snob, neurotic, and a few others (don't want to spoil things). She's really fun to play to say the least! Amelia was created using several custom content links from several Sims 3 creators. Credit is listed at the bottom of the post. In order to get her to look and work properly you will have to download the custom downloads. If you don't download the sliders her face will change..etc..etc. ENJOY

Download Amelia (4shared)
::Credit/Must Download Content::

Make-Up/Appearance -
Star Dust Eyeshadow - LorandiaSims3
Lense - SimsMaker
Bracelet - RoseSims2
Facial Sliders - Bella3lek4
Naughty & Nice Female Skins(non-default) - Lady Frontbum

Clothing/Hair -
'Midnight Glow' Dress - Anubis360
Shoes #25 - LorandiaSims3
Titantic Swim Dress - All About Style
Hair - Bluebook


Nov. 17th, 2010 11:40 am
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I was able to finally join this community because of a post by [staff profile] denise.[this post] It has about a hundred codes, many of them still free for use.

I can't wait to begin to get things going here, this is going to be the official site to get all the Sims 3 creations I make. Things that are Sims, houses, and maybe a few other things along the way.


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